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Hi. I’m Erik and this is my wife Jen. We’d like to welcome you to The Finest Grounds. I started drinking coffee, or what I thought was coffee at a very young age. My grandma would put a small amount in my milk and tell me that we were having coffee together. I’ve enjoyed it ever since.

Jen’s taste for coffee was a bit different. I have been trying to get her to join me for a cup for as long as I can remember and was never successful. Her answer was always the same, “You know I don’t drink coffee.”


Recently, I discovered air roasted coffee and couldn’t be happier. I was not only impressed but also excited that I finally found something better. There was no burnt or bitter aftertaste and I could actually taste the natural flavors that coffees from around the world have to offer. After much thought and consideration, The Finest Grounds was born. We partnered with a local roaster who is 100% sustainable and only purchases green coffee beans from the top farmers around the world. All of our coffees are small batch air roasted for a consistent profile every time.  We’re not only dedicated to providing you with finer coffee beans/grounds so you can brew a finer cup but also to exceptional customer service. We look forward to earning your business and are excited to have you as a customer.

I almost forgot to mention, I recently asked Jen to try one of our flavored coffees. After years of trying, I had no hope. We’ll just say, I’m shocked! She now enjoys having a great cup of coffee.  



Lets Find You A Great Coffee!

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