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What is air roasted coffee?

Unlike drum roasted coffee, air roasting is comparable to a convection oven.  Heated air is circulated through the roasting chamber causing the beans to float during the roasting process never allowing them to sit on the heated walls of a drum causing burn spots. This allows for a more precise roast throughout the entire coffee bean so you can experience the richer flavors without any burnt or bitter aftertaste.

What is the difference between medium and dark roast?

Coffee from different regions have different natural flavors depending on how dark they are roasted.  Roasting caramelizes the sugars in the coffee bean and brings out these flavors. A medium roast is milder while a dark roast is much bolder.  For example our Costa Rica La Minita can be roasted to a medium or dark profile. The medium offers more of a smooth natural citrus flavor with hints of chocolate.  If the same bean is roasted to a dark profile, the flavors are reversed. There is more of a chocolate and caramel flavor with a very mild hint of citrus. Roasting too dark causes the outer shell to burn, small holes or cracks to form and an oily surface visible on the coffee bean.  This takes away from the natural flavors they have to offer.

When would my order be roasted?

None of our coffees are roasted until you order them and most orders are roasted within 24 to 48 hours.  The only exception is that our roaster doesn’t operate on Saturday or Sunday. (ie. If you order on Friday, your order will be roasted the following Monday and shipped/delivered on Tuesday.)

What grind type should I choose?

There are several grind types available in the coffee world.  Below are the most common and some general information about them.

  • Whole Bean – Out of the roaster, into the bag and to your door.  Several people like to grind their own beans because it gives them the choice on which brewing method they prefer at that moment.
  • Coarse – Used for cold brew, french press and reusable k-cups.  There is an Extra Coarse available that some like for cold brew.  It’s just my personal preference but coarse works great in cold brew.
  • Medium – Common for pour over coffee pots, and drip coffee makers.  It can be used in the reusable k-cups but don’t go any finer. It will clog the system and not work.
  • Fine – Mostly used in espresso machines.  It can be used in drip coffee makers or pour over.  This will allow for a bolder cup without sacrificing flavor. (Not For Reusable K-Cups)
  • Extra Fine – Used to make a Turkish coffee.  This is a form of coffee where the powdery grounds are cooked into the coffee.  It is a very strong and rich cup of coffee.

What is a peaberry?

Coffee beans are actually the seeds inside of coffee cherries.  A normal coffee cherry has two seeds inside causing both beans to have a flat side where they were touching.  A peaberry is the bean from a coffee cherry that only had one bean inside. It has a more round appearance and many say they can taste the difference between a cup brewed from normal beans and that of a peaberry.

What is water processed decaf?

Instead of using chemicals to remove or dissolve the caffeine, water is used to absorb the caffeine from the bean allowing for a finer cup of decaf coffee.  Many believe its also healthier.

Do you have k-cups?

We don’t have the disposable k-cups.  We have reusable pods, both stainless steel and a durable plastic. Drink the coffee you want at a better price and you’re not filling the landfill with little plastic cups.  Click here for our brewing supplies category

Shipping / Returns

Where do you ship to?

We ship everywhere in the United States.

What are your shipping costs?

In St. Louis City/County, St. Charles and Jefferson counties in Missouri, we personally deliver your order to you for $3 to cover transportation costs.  Throughout rest of the US, up to 2 pounds (32 ounces) will be shipped in a padded envelope for $7.25. Anything over this amount is $13.65. Any order over $50.00 is always shipped for free.

What shipping service do you use?

We ship via USPS throughout the US and personal delivery in St. Louis City/County, St. Charles and Jefferson counties in Missouri.

Do you provide tracking numbers?

Yes.  If your order is shipped via USPS, a tracking number will be provided. You can also call any time.  If your order is being personally delivered by us, call anytime to check the status of your order. We can always be reached by phone at 314-813-3081

Can we pickup our order?

We do not offer order pickup.

Do you accept returns?

Returns are accepted within 30 days of receipt of order.  A minimum of 75% of the original product must be returned to qualify a refund.

If I return my product, how do you offer a refund?

All refunds are done electronically and take 7 – 14 days from receipt of return. Back to Top

Do you pay for return shipping?

The Finest Grounds is not responsible for return shipping.  If you are in the St. Louis City/County, St. Charles or Jefferson Counties, we will pick up your return.

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